15 Best Personalized Wall Art Gift Ideas

Gifts can make your loved ones feel special. But you know what can make them feel even more special?  Gifts with a personal touch.

Any gift with a simple touch of love can be more valuable to your loved ones than any jewel of the world. Even though it sounds easy, choosing a personalized gift is no left-hand task.

To help you out a little, we have created a list of the 15 best-personalized wall art gift ideas for your loved ones. So, if you think wall art is your thing, this is the perfect guide for you!

15 Best Personalized Wall Art Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

From a variety of wall art gift ideas, we found on the internet and from many of our clients, we have short-listed 15 ideas. Imagine the gifts customized for your loved one, and we are sure they will attract you as we had been.


If we are discussing wall art gifts, portraits deserve the first place undoubtedly.

Personalized Photo Wall Art

As the name suggests, these portraits are created identical to a clicked photograph. You can choose a solo picture of your loved one or a picture with you. The picture can be made livelier by editing it using professional software.

Personalization such as full text poetry, Marriage Vows, favorite song lyrics can all be included in such photographic portrait prints

These pictures enhance the beauty of your house when coupled right with the interior. So, photo-based portraits are the best gifts for all your close ones.

  1. Nature-Based Portraits

Some people love nature, traveling and beautiful landscapes. For them, instead of getting a photo-based portrait, you can get a nature-based portrait. You can get one custom-made based on their dream destination or someplace they love.

They will surely attach your love to that place after receiving this.

  1. 3-D Portraits

3-D portraits are wall portraits with a 3-D touch to them. They can either be felt bulging out or be an illusion for the eye. Anyways, it will have you fixated on it for some time.

You can gift 3-D portraits, whether photo-based or nature-based, to your loved ones.

Word Arts

After portraits, another very personalized genre of wall gifts is Word Arts. When photographs don’t seem right, words can prove to be an even better option.

  1. Names

With a good word art creator, you surprise your loved one with your names. Get your names written lavishly on wood or glass. Additionally, you can use LED lights to make it look classier.

You can display it in your bedroom or the living room, and it will never look odd. These serve as the best gifts for couples. As a sample, take a look at this beautiful word art template for a cricket lover.

  1. Family Names

Everybody today loves having a family nameplate in their home. It is a great interior décor idea and can never grow old. So, it is an appropriate gift for all your loved ones. 

You can get it carved or printed, or even painted. It is a suitable gift for a housewarming party or for relatives you meet after a long time.

  1. Monograms

Instead of getting complete names converted into wall arts, you can choose to get custom monograms made. The initials of names or companies’ names or even numbers can be beautifully converted into art. 

They look great in lobbies and entrances of homes as well as offices. Check out some sample monogram wall arts for a better idea. 


Words can be more powerful than pictures and objects, but can you gift someone powerful words? Yes. You can get powerful sayings converted into wall arts. 

Motivational quotes provide positive energy as well as prove to be good décor. Further, they can be placed at various places. So, you can always think of gifting quotes wall art to your loved ones.

Modern Art

Modern technology has produced modern art, strange but satisfying. If your loved ones are fond of art, you cannot miss this section.

  1. Glass Printing

Art on glass is very attractive and pleasing to the eyes. It is because all colors get enhanced on glass. You can choose beautiful art options and get them custom-made, or choose from various readymade glass arts too.

  1. Wood Carving

Wood carvings have remained in trend since ancient times. While earlier it was done by hand, today it is much easier due to technology. You can even get personalized portraits made on wood. 

  1. Custom-Made

Modern art, being very flexible, gives you multiple options. You are not restricted to the given templates or pictures. Further, you can choose personalized colors, prints, and bases.

Depending on the person you are gifting to, you can improvise the gift.

Canvas-Based Wall Art

Another very beautiful and more traditional kind of wall art is canvas-based wall art.

  1. Canvas Portraits

All art lovers have a liking for canvas paintings. The exceptionally stand out amongst all other arts. When hand-painted using watercolors on a canvas, all the portraits bring out their beauty even more.

They prove to be a very personalized gift, especially when you make them.

  1.  Knitted Art

A very unconventional way of using a canvas is for knitted art. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it looks amazing. Paint the canvas with your desired colors, and then knit your art with more amazing colors.

It is well suited for simpler forms like maps or words, or stills. Because of being knitted, they also have a longer life.


These are very common but effective kinds of wall arts suitable for gifts. Additionally, they are not very expensive and can be replaced quickly.

  1. Movie Posters

You can gift someone a poster based on their favorite movie. It will keep them connected to the movie and you both. Teenagers love having posters on their walls.

  1. Celebrity Posters

What can be better than your celebrity crush on your wall? It’s cliché but still one of the best gifts for your fangirling friends out there. 

Your child or friend will love the idea of a poster of their favorite celebrity on his wall. Also, you can choose to get a poster of an inspiring personality to get them pumped up.

  1. Motivational Posters

In addition to being commonly available, they are made with a large variety of quotes and on various materials. Starting from the cheapest paper posters, you can find up to signed posters of various personalities for gifting.

They are sweet little gifts, especially for teenagers, who can keep changing them frequently too.

Ending Note

With your creativity and a little help from us, you can create perfect wall art for your loved ones. Also, you are not restricted to the list above. You can find many more options on our website too.

Gifting wall arts has never been this easy ever!

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