Welcome to WordArtPortrait gift store!

Let me introduce myself.

I am Brinda and a housewife with two lovely kids. Almost five years ago, I had to quit my job when we had our second son. All these years, I was itching to start a career or do something, but due to my second son’s allergies, I was not able to pursue anything.

Challenges of Life..

He is anaphylactic to so many things, and we had several trips to the ER for life and death situations. Every day is a challenge for us, and this started creating a lot of stress and frustrations as I was not able to do anything other than taking care of my baby.

My husband kept encouraging me to pick up a hobby and see where it goes. Over the years, I took several Graphic related courses and made myself experienced in various Adobe tools.


One day I designed a cool word art portrait for a friend using my newly found skills, and it was loved and appreciated so much. This inspired me to start this journey on Etsy and launch this store.

I have just begun this journey, hopefully, to rediscover myself, enjoy every free minute I get, and possibly supplement our income to treat my son’s allergies.

My family is my team. My husband helped set up the store and other technical matters, my elder son keeps the younger one busy, and I work on the new designs and inspirations.

Inspiration and Hope

I am always looking for new inspirations, different ways to improve what I offer, and how I can provide the best user experiences.

Please feel free to send me a message for any questions or feedback. Your words will be the thing that provides necessary fire to keep going through my busy day.

I hope to help you create a perfect and long-lasting memorable gift for your loved ones!

Thank you for visiting us.
Brinda and Family