Harley Davidson Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas for Harley Davidson

Do you have a friend who owns a Harley Davidson bike? Are you looking for Harley Davidson birthday gift ideas for them? You have landed at the right spot. Your search ends here.

When it comes to birthdays, we have the perfect Harley Davidson birthday gifts for you to buy. Besides, these gifts will make a great addition and compliment the decor around the house.

The Harley Davidson birthday gifts we have in store are bound to bring joy to your friend’s heart. We have many types of Harley Davidson Prints ideas in the form of wall art. These printed pieces are colorful, personalized, and vibrant and will lighten up any room.

Do you want to purchase these Harley Davidson birthday gifts for your biker friend? We have them in stock at our Word art Portrait store. So, rush over to our website to buy them.

Choosing the best Biker-themed Birthday Gifts

All of us have friends who enjoy riding two-wheelers. Just like diamonds are a woman’s best friend, bikes and motorcycles are a man’s best friend. And there is nothing more masculine and rugged-looking than a man driving a Harley Davidson.

Your friend who is obsessed with Harleys has his birthday coming up. But you do not have enough cash to spend on something expensive. In such situations, a mug or t-shirt would make a great gift. But an even better gift would be a personalized wall frame with a Harley Davidson theme. If that is exactly what you had in mind, visit our store right away.

What can you find at our store?

We have a ton of personalized and vivid wall art pieces you can buy at a bargain. You will find different categories like nature, sports, love, animal, etc. And we haven’t forgotten the bike lovers as well. You can buy custom Harley Davidson birthday gifts in the form of beautiful and well-designed portraits. These gifts are available for both men and women. Who says bikes are only for men? 

Now, let us have a look at what you can find here.

  1. Item name: Personalized Harley Davidson Wall Decor Prints

Firstly, we have this cool and abstract Harley Davidson mural. It is represented from a side view and has wavy words inscribed on the bike. This particular one is suitable for your dad, son, boyfriend, or a guy friend. It will make an excellent gift for that special someone who likes bikes and Harley Davidson bikes in particular. It is displayed in black and white. But do not worry. You can customize it any way you want in the Personalization section.

Here you can add anything from names, birthdates, occasions, etc. You can also change it to the color of your choice. There is a range of colors, including teal, rosy brown, red, steel blue, etc. And this one will cost you $12.99.

Harley Davidson Wall Decor

This item is another vibrant and colorful art piece for bike enthusiasts. It also features a side view and has a “color splashed” look with hues of red, orange, blue, purple, and more. But the downside is that it is available in only one color mode. However, you can choose different sizes like portrait, landscape, A4, letter, etc. This one will stand out well if you hang it on the wall. The price for this item is $12.99.

About our Store

Here at the WordartPortrait store, we sell a variety of different wall art pieces. We cover a range of genres, including abstract art, animal art, sports, anniversaries, and more. What’s more, you can customize every single one of them to your liking. You can choose what size and color schemes you want. Not just that, we also sell them at reasonable prices.

So if you are looking for fun decor items for your living room or kitchen, head over to our website.

Fun facts about Harley Davidson

While we are on the topic of bikes and Harley Davidson birthday gift ideas, let us look at some fun facts about Harley Davidson.

  • The first Harley Davidson bike began in a shabby and old wooden shed. It resembled a bicycle more than a bike with its small motor.
  • Their first functional prototype rolled out in 1903—another version launched in 1905 with a few minor modifications.
  • The company also manufactured bicycles to target a younger audience. The first bicycle was built in 1917. But they were not as popular as their motorized counterparts.
  • The Harley Davidson company is one of the only two motorcycle manufacturing companies to survive the Great Depression of 1929. The other one is the Indian Motorcycle Company.
  • The first Harley Davidson club started in 1928. Renowned Czech racer Bohumil Turek, along with his biker companions, formed this club.
  • We have all heard the name “Hog” used among Harley Davidson riders. This name originated in the 1920s when a group of country boys used to take their pig mascot out for victory rides. The company liked the use of this term, and thus the name “HOG” was born. It also stands for “Harley Owners Group.”
  • Harley Davidson bikes were trendy among American soldiers during the First World War. About 15,000 bikes were issued to the US Military during this period.
  • The company also manufactures bikes for police forces and law enforcement agents. They have been doing this for 100 years now.
  • Harley Davidson manufactures motorcycles not just for Americans. They have a worldwide audience and fan base. You will find Harley factories in India, Brazil, and Thailand as well.
  • The founders of Harley Davidson are all Labor Hall of Fame inductees. They were awarded this prestigious honor in 2004. 
  • The recognizable sound of a Harley comes from its 45-degree motor. The bikes do not have a distributor. As a result, the two sparks ignite simultaneously, giving it the signature Harley growl.
  • They also have a dedicated television show called “Harley and the Davidsons” on the Discovery Channel. Every Harley Davidson fan will enjoy this show.

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